All About Love

All About Love’s purpose is to accelerate the awakening and dissolve the separation between all of the people who are waking up right now. It is a powerful prayer for a new way of living made real through the co-creative force of shared vision, hard work and brave, bold moves.

The festival organisers say:

“All About Love are changing the game this summer! 2020 is set to be something very special for us and we are quantum shifting the way the event looks and feels.

The All About Love gatherings are more than just ‘festivals’ or ‘parties’. Personal relationships and connectivity, service to others and loving kindness are what we stand for. Of course it’s good to party together, this is a very healing and helpful part of our lives but we want more than ‘just’ that. Meaningful connections, deep friendships and co creative vision really matter to us, this is what we are all about.”

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