LoveJam Campout

The LoveJam Campout community describes themselves as a nationwide family on a mission to inspire creativity, sobriety & positive transformation for people, community & planet. This festival is dedicated to music and creative expression in various different forms. 

The festival organizers say: 

“For over half a decade we have been bringing like-minded humans together in the ceremony of celebration. To honor the gift of life, authentic expression & all forms of creative juiciness.

You may have heard of our intimate community-focused vibe, our authentic co-created expression, or the diverse & plentiful spontaneity of musical co-creation throughout our events …

The Lovejam Campout is no different, this is the foundation of our community, this is the annual gathering of the tribe… Expect 4 days of celebration, self-expression, & rejuvenation. Built on foundations of acceptance, community, healing & of course, love.”

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