All About Love Festival To Be Confirmed

All About Love is a music and medicine festival dedicated to the UK and European tribes. A celebration of the advancements to come in these fields. 

The festival organizers say:

“Personal relationships and connectivity, service to others, and loving-kindness are what we stand for. Of course, its good to party together, this is a very healing and helpful part of our lives but we want more than ‘just’ that.

We are part of a global movement in medicine, music, and healing which is exploding beautifully across the planet right now and this Is a direct response to the world we find ourselves in. The old systems are crumbling and all the apparent chaos is just a natural part of a new more beautiful, peaceful world coming into being, but it’s not going to be easy. We need each other more than ever.

All About Love is a giant mycelium of kindhearted, supportive human beings who believe in helping each other to step up. We all have our stuff to deal with. No judgment here. We believe in ‘keeping the gift moving’ at all times. ”

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