Lost Village

To find yourself, first you have to get lost.

At Lost Village Festival you get lost in a forest and find yourself in a 3 day event that includes music, global food, art, comedy and talks, discover magical areas and stages with imaginative names like the Abandoned Chapel, Lost Theatre, Lake of Tranquillity and Bureau of Lost.

What the festival organizers say:

“Lost Village is a UK dance music festival in Lincolnshire. Located in an abandoned forest, Lost Village is more than just a music festival, it is a world of experiences, making sure you will not be short of things to do.

Since their first festival in 2015, Lost Village has expanded into a unique and surreal world, complete with surprise performances, comedy and much more. 

Alongside the music and comedy, there will also be live talks, interviews, debates, and lessons scattered throughout the weekend. “

More information at https://lostvillagefestival.com/