Dance Camp East

Dance Camp East is a camping holiday with a difference! The annual family-friendly event welcomes hundreds of visitors each year to celebrate music, dance and community in the heart of East Anglia.

A video of the fabulous band preforming a song from the Jungle Book as part of the Jazz night in the Stardust cafe tent at Dance Camp East 2019. An immensely talented group of musicians, and Martin has a really good singing voice. Enjoy!

Gepostet von Dance Camp East am Mittwoch, 7. August 2019

The festival organisers say:

“We  are very excited to welcome you to Dance Camp East. DCE is a non-profit community camp run by a core group of volunteers. Every year our aim is to provide the foundation for you to have a fun and vibrant communal camping experience.

This is an experience that thrives on community participation so each year the events and workshops vary depending on people’s passions and who is available to run them. We wish your DCE experience to be liberating and fulfilling. We hope that you leave the field feeling energised, inspired and ready to take that out into the wider world.”

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