To be confirmed: Body & Soul

Body & Soul is an annual gathering celebrating art, music, performance and creative expression in Westmeath, Ireland. The award-winning festival aims to heighten awareness of human-environment connection and create a unique and safe space for self expression.

Woodlands by day.

When it's all done and dusted, we'll be ready to blast the Solstice skies with the mother of all celebrations, with you lot by our sides in 2021 🎥@exploreindublin🎵Daithi

Gepostet von Body&Soul am Mittwoch, 15. April 2020

The festival organisers say:

“Body&Soul began as a small gathering of people interested in art, music, performance, holistic arts, community and creative expression. It has since grown steadily in to a heartfelt platform bringing together artists and musicians alike – offering a louder voice for emerging performers and creatives to showcase their work, in a more intimate and imaginative capacity.

Through programming, support of the arts, workshops, music policy and respect for the Planet, Body&Soul hopes to inspire a new approach to a weekend festival: where atmosphere takes precedence – and where an ancient celebration is reawakened in a contemporary light – bringing some edgy magic into the mundane.”

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